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Episode 21: Big Napkin Shills

WRL has sold out this week with their new uber sponsors. Will we ever forgive them?

This week the crew tackle such subjects as: Where was Team Rocket? Will Warner Bros sue? And why is Annika Smethurst? All that plus giant waffles, Tattoos in Japan and Wet&Wild World people.

P.s. we bumped the microphone a fair bit because we’re unprofessional as h*ck so if that will annoy you, you might wanna skip this one!

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Dishonourable mention:

- The Detective Pikachu movie

Our WRLs this episode:

- Always Be My Maybe (movie)

- Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster (podcast)

- The LEGO movie 2 (movie)

Fan fic corner mentions:

- Harry Potter but in 7 different genres:

- Album Potter series (1-7) by NoahPhantom

Link to bbook 1 (Albus Potter And The Global Revelation):

- ONE FINAL MENTION: “Starwars SC38 re-imagined” by FXitinpost:

Questions about Japan & links mentioned:

- Podcast about the history of homosexuality in japan:

- Simon and Martina’s how to Onsen video:

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Edited by Liam Majoros and Annika


Annika and the team are live from Tokyo as they talk about what it's like to live in a new country, and discuss the entertainment they've absorbed while there. Will the Emperor ban this podcast? Are "THE RICH" evil? Why is there so many salespeople ringing their doorbell at ungodly hours of the morning?? All that plus cracking the plot, Darude sandstorm and even more Potter fanfic.

This episode’s WRLs:

- Tri4th & Japanese “Instru” music

Tri4th on Youtube:

Tri4th’s website:

- Vice Series “The Story Of” *note: Luci got the name of the series wrong in the episode*



- Alexandra Quick series by Inverarity

3D rendering of Alexandra (actually quite good and Annika is a mean lady: )

Fan Fiction to eBook Converter:

- God Is Dead Podcast (NSFW) by struthless and brycevmills


Instagram: @godisdeadnotclickbait

- Dream by Annika’s brain at 4am

Recorded 30th April 2019 - it’s been a long time from recording to publishing because our editor got a better-paying job haha. Sooo if you are a fan of us doing more frequent podcasts, chuck in a dollar to help pay our editor more so he’ll be incentivised to get to them faster:

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Podcast edited by Liam Majorosa