Episode 21: Big Napkin Shills

WRL has sold out this week with their new uber sponsors. Will we ever forgive them?

This week the crew tackle such subjects as: Where was Team Rocket? Will Warner Bros sue? And why is Annika Smethurst? All that plus giant waffles, Tattoos in Japan and Wet&Wild World people.

P.s. we bumped the microphone a fair bit because we’re unprofessional as h*ck so if that will annoy you, you might wanna skip this one!

INSTAGRAM: @watch_read_listen for pics of our cake-sized waffles and the creepy sim-replicants Annika made of us.

Dishonourable mention:

- The Detective Pikachu movie

Our WRLs this episode:

- Always Be My Maybe (movie)

- Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster (podcast)

- The LEGO movie 2 (movie)

Fan fic corner mentions:

- Harry Potter but in 7 different genres: https://youtu.be/dldGFHrv__k

- Album Potter series (1-7) by NoahPhantom

Link to bbook 1 (Albus Potter And The Global Revelation): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8417562/1/Albus-Potter-and-the-Global-Revelation

- ONE FINAL MENTION: “Starwars SC38 re-imagined” by FXitinpost: https://youtu.be/to2SMng4u1k

Questions about Japan & links mentioned:

- Podcast about the history of homosexuality in japan: http://isaacmeyer.net/2018/08/3201/

- Simon and Martina’s how to Onsen video: https://youtu.be/DR2Z_zx8iF4

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Edited by Liam Majoros and Annika