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A science student by day and a seamstress by night

Annika is a twenty-something Youtuber & passionate DIY’er from Sydney, Australia. She is also currently studying part-time for her Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics with a minor in Gender and Cultural Studies.

Annika makes videos about sewing and style for seamsters of all levels, with a focus on sustainable and socially-responsible fashion. She is passionate about teaching people of all abilities how to sew, geeking out about fabrics, fashion and trends, and raising awareness of the impact people's clothing choices have on the world. Through her own experiences with a life-threatening chronic illness, she promotes positivity through hardship and has an optimistic way of looking at the world around her.

Though it may seem like an ambitious undertaking for a sewing and DIY channel, through her videos (and social media channels), she wants to make the world a better place.

Annika's story

Annika first started sharing her outfits on her fashion blog, The Pineneedle Collective, in 2011. It was there that she discovered the vibrant online DIY community and her love for sewing and DIY fashion. Having just been diagnosed with a life-threatening and incurable illness, Takayasu's Arteritis, her blog and her sewing machine became her place of escape - her own little world where she didn't have to just be sick, and a welcome distraction from chemotherapy.

In early 2014, she decided that her sewing tutorials would be more accessible and easier to understand if they were put in motion. Thus her youtube channel Annika Victoria was born.

Over the next 3 years this channel exploded, and currently has over 600,000 subscibers, 50 million+ views, a number of ongoing series and a passionate and enthusiastic fanbase.

Her dedication to recycling, upcycling and socially-responsible fashion has resonated with her subscribers, teaching thousands of people the benefits of shopping second-hand (AKA "thrifting") and finding out where and how their clothes have been made. She is also a passionate supporter of the body positivity and self-love movements, emphasizing through making and modifying her own clothes that your body doesn't have to be one particular "standard" size or shape to wear the clothes that you love!

She is also an outspoken member of the disability community, and talks openly about her experiences of living with a disability and using mobility devices at a young age.

Thanks to her supportive fanbase and subscribers on her Patreon page, making videos and teaching people how to sew is now her full-time job, and one which she is extremely passionate about.

Join Annika and her sewing community as together, they learn how to make their own wardrobe, develop their own style, and make a positive change to the fashion industry and (in some small way) to the world.

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Press & Past Projects

The Pineneedle Collective Fashion Blog (2011-2015)

BERNINA Ambassador 2019-2021

Featured Creator at Vidcon Australia 2017 & 2018

Panelist, “Mental Health Online”, Vidcon Australia 2017 with Dodie Clark, Nathan Zed, Kati Morton, AJ Clementine and Study With Jess.

Panelist, “Finding a Niche and Making It Work for You”, Vidcon Australia 2018 with ChoppA, JaidenAnimations and Armando Faigi.

Panelist, “Informing the Masses”, Vidcon Australia 2018 with Hank Green, Riley J. Dennis, Study With Jess and Armando Faigi.

MTV UK - Unfiltered (2018)

The Adam & Eve Show (aired June 2017 in New Zealand on TVNZ)

Girlfriend Magazine Interview (2017)

The Daily Mail (2017)

Right This Minute (a US Cable Show), 2017

Ciao Magazine Cover Feature (2016)

Craft Business magazine (Issue 132, page 19, 2018)

Sew Magazine UK featured creator

2Ser (Radio) interview (2014)

Ethical Clothing Directory Project (2013-2015)

Birdee Magazine contributor (2013 - 2015)

Birdee Newspaper contributor (2014 - 2015)

Ramona Magazine Interview

Young Vagabond Magazine Cover Feature (2012)

Scientific American (2013)

MC at Rozelle Collectors Market Vintage Fashion Parade (2016)

Lateral Magazine contributor


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